Scratch Off Cards


printing problems that are particularly important for us Askrj cards:

- Information Security cards and keep it for safekeeping
- Scratch cards and labels produced quality in terms of color quality and print the cards. Card size, carefully cut and size, password and print quality of the code, press Scratch coverage, quality, the packing and delivery of quality orders, delivery on time and no delay in delivery orders, hold down the mistakes and failures in the production and printing Scratch Scratch card and labels bearing.
- Scratch cards and labels provided on a regular basis according to the series, so it is detected and counted the beginning and end of the code and standard Scratch Card and Label client.
- Confidentiality and non-disclosure of information, including copies of the order, etc. for their competitors.

Scratch profile

Print Scratch should have these capabilities:
- The Code Card or completely covered verification and in front of bright light, visible information is printed below it.
- Print Scratch must be easily removable so that it is zero. Scratch Scratch word meaning clear by referring to this problem.
- Print Scratch should not be altered or defective.
- When Clear Scratch Scratch should be a detriment to the code and the numbers below.
- Print Scratch should not be difficult after some time has passed since its publication and is not removable.

Cover costs Scratch

of Askrj safety cover has a variety of uses.
In all cases, using a code known as PIN (pin code), Password (password) or activation code (activation code), which is printed on paper Scratch the protective layer (scratch) will be covered. Scratch cards were the main expenditure is as follows:
Draw cards, specific software activation of the card, recharge cards, phone cards, internet cards, membership cards, a guarantee of authenticity card product, warranty card, telecommunications cards, gift cards, Apple cards, discount cards, lottery cards , etc. it is.