Digital Printing


Digital Printing Method

In this method, the original color of the CMYK colors for four separate and Laser transfer films are on at the same time are passed on.
If you have a custom that circulation is less than 300 sheets of A3 in size and do not have much time, digital printing help.

Advantage Of Digital Printing

The major advantages of digital printing, such as offset printing need to prepare quickly it is because stencil (Zinc) no. In cases where circulation is low and the customer print order in your print order will shortly take delivery, digital printing is the best option.
Digital print image and text printing can be different in each round printing plate is not used, because in this way.

Paper Size

One limitation of digital printing devices dimensions. In the semi-industrial devices maximum dimensions of 30 x 45 is printable.

Paper Subs

Digital printing can be printed on paper at least SUBS writing paper is 70 grams and maximum power of digital printing machine for cardboard 300 grams.
Digital Printing
Digital Printing